1 October, 2018

Professional profiles, social workers

Today in our Professional Profiles Section we introduce you to Eli Cuellar and Maddi Saizarbitoria, Social Workers at Onkologikoa.

How long have you been working at Onkologikoa?

ELI: I’ve been at Onkologikoa for 27 years; I stayed on following training after having completed my studies.

MADDI: In October I’ll have been here for 12 years. We have been working together for a long time and we make a good team. We complement each other well.

What does your everyday routine involve? What are your main duties?

ELI/MADDI: Our work is to deal with the patient and their family or social environment. We help the patient and the family to organise themselves to provide the care required by the patient. We therefore listen to their difficulties and try and help them to sort them out; we contact the social and community care services, both public and private; and in general we help the patient to complete their care treatment plan at home.

We also work with the Patient Attention Service to proceed with the different requests made by patients. Requests for their case histories, for unusual certificates, requests for medical tests at other centres… We’re the link between the patient and different agents.


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