9 October, 2018

The Desiree project, an ally against breast cancer

The Desire project develops an ecosystem of support for making clinical decisions to help choose the treatment for every breast cancer case, based on vast amounts of information and with a multidisciplinary focus.

Within the H2020 framework programme and in collaboration with a consortium of eleven companies, technology centres, universities and hospitals in Europe and the United States. Focussed on a software environment to help with decision-making in breast units, intended to become an international benchmark. The objective includes generating a more agile, global and intuitive way to visualise all of the information available on each patient in the multidisciplinary environment of functional units. The patient therefore receives more personalised care with a more global view of their case.

The system will also be “smart”, meaning that it will learn from the decisions made as well as from the outcomes obtained with them, thereby generating new evidence based on accumulated experience, particularly for making decisions in more complicated cases not found in the “clinical practice guides”. Desirée has received European Union funds in the framework of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme with subsidy agreement number 690238.

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