2 October, 2018

The Anatomic Pathology Service, first body accredited by the ENAC for the anatomopathological study of lung cancer

The National Accreditation Body (ENAC) has awarded the Onkologikoa Foundation’s Anatomic Pathology Service with an accreditation under standard UNE-EN ISO 15189, making it the first accredited centre in lung histopathology and cytopathology.

The anatomopathological study of lung cancer requires classic techniques such as histopathology and cytology, including immunohistochemistry studies and molecular biology techniques with in situ fluorescence hybridisation, molecular studies with PCR and the very recent liquid biopsy for patient diagnosis and monitoring.

The accreditation vouches for the quality of the diagnostic process and represents a clear-cut commitment to quality throughout the process of diagnosing lung cancer. This in turn obliges the body to maintain the high standards of quality in all of its Anatomic Pathology Service processes, including those not directly related to lung cancer.

It guarantees the obtaining of reliable replicable diagnostic outcomes, following national and international quality standards and protocols drawn up by specialist medical and technical staff of high scientific-technical level, therefore reducing diagnostic errors and producing the best diagnostic standards. This all has an obvious benefit for the patient.

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