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“Fundación Onkologikoa Fundazioa” (hereinafter ONKOLOGIKOA), with its address at Paseo Doctor Begiristain, 121, 20014 Donostia-San Sebastian (Spain) and Tax no. G-75023184, is the manager of the Internet domain “”, under which are the website and all sub-domains and directories included under the same name (hereinafter jointly named the “Portal”).


Access to and use of this Portal is subject to the terms & conditions of this Legal Notice, notwithstanding the fact that access to the services may require the acceptance of specific conditions.

Any use you make of this Portal or the services included herein will imply your acceptance of the legal terms of this Legal Notice.

Access to the Portal and correct use of the information contained herein are the responsibility of the person proceeding with said actions and ONKOLOGIKOA will not be liable for any incorrect, illegal or negligent use made of it by the user.

It is forbidden to place or to convey any illicit, defamatory or obscene information which could constitute or lead to behaviours that could be labelled as or cause civil liability, or that break the law in any way. ONKOLOGIKOA accepts no liability for the expressions or opinions appearing herein, including those posted in its social media.

ONKOLOGIKOA reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to its Portal, at any time and with no need for prior warning, to users who fail to observe these general conditions.

ONKOLOGIKOA cannot accept any liability whatsoever for the use or access made by users outside the sphere covered by the Portal, nor for any consequences that may arise due to the lack of utility, adaptation or validity of the Portal and/or its services and contents with a view to satisfying the needs, activities or specific outcomes and expectations of its users, or for any outcomes arising from practical application of the opinions, recommendations or studies accessible through the Portal, in which case the final liability will always correspond to the user.

ONKOLOGIKOA expressly forbids framing and the use by third parties of any other mechanisms capable of changing the design, original configuration or content of its Portal.

Portal content

The Portal has the objective of promoting the activities carried out and the services provided by ONKOLOGIKOA, meaning that the information contained herein does not constitute a binding offer.

The Portal may also contain articles on health, medical and hospital-related subjects, news or any other kind of information considered by ONKOLOGIKOA to be of interest, the contents of which reflect the opinion of their authors, but not necessarily that of ONKOLOGIKOA.

ONKOLOGIKOA reserves the right to make changes in the Portal without prior warning, with the objective of updating, correcting, changing, adding or removing contents from the Portal or its design. The Portal contents are updated periodically. Given that their updating is not immediate, we suggest that you always double check the validity and accuracy of the information contained in the Portal.

Warning to patients and/or their family members

The medical content potentially available on this website must not be used to diagnose or treat any kind of problem. ONKOLOGIKOA accepts absolutely no liability for harm of any kind arising from the lack of accuracy, exactness, exhaustiveness or updatedness of the contents of the website, with the exception of those directly attributable to the institute. If you have or suspect that you have a health problem, please consult your doctor.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights

The Portal design, content and source codes, as well as the logos, brand names and any other distinguishing features appearing herein, are the property of ONKOLOGIKOA and are protected by the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights, meaning that their use, reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any other similar or analogous activity is completely forbidden unless expressly authorised by ONKOLOGIKOA.

ONKOLOGIKOA is free to use any idea, concept, knowledge or technique appearing in any communication submitted to the Portal by users.

Technological virus and failures

ONKOLOGIKOA neither controls nor guarantees the absence of viruses or other elements in the contents which could cause alterations in the user’s computer system (software and hardware), documents or files. ONKOLOGIKOA therefore accepts no liability for damage suffered by the user due to the existence of viruses or other elements in the Portal.

ONKOLOGIKOA cannot guarantee the absence of technological faults, nor the permanent availability of the Portal or of the services contained herein, and therefore accepts no liability whatsoever for any damage caused due to lack of availability or problems with access.

Information security

ONKOLOGIKOA cannot guarantee that information conveyed over the Internet is completely secure due to numerous factors beyond its control. ONKOLOGIKOA does not accept liability for any damage suffered by the user due to potential contingencies when transmitting information, such as data loss, for reasons beyond our control.

However, we inform you that ONKOLOGIKOA works on the basis of a security policy when processing personal data in compliance with current Spanish law.


The Portal may contain space reserved for advertising. In this case advertising by ONKOLOGIKOA or by other companies considered to be of interest to the user will be inserted to the Portal.

ONKOLOGIKOA does not provide information on its users to advertisers, except anonymous statistics on use of the Portal to enable improvements in the service.

Links or hyperlinks

ONKOLOGIKOA enables access to other websites we think you may find interesting. However, these pages are not the property of ONKOLOGIKOA, nor is their content revised by ONKOLOGIKOA, meaning that it does not accept liability for them, for the way the linked page functions, or for any potential damage which may arise as a result of its use.

No link to a website or email address will be allowed on the Portal, except when express written authorisation has been received from ONKOLOGIKOA, which can be withdrawn at any time. Establishing said link does not mean that an agreement, contract, sponsorship or any kind of recommendation exists between ONKOLOGIKOA and the page providing the link.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

All controversies arising from the conditions of use and access to this Portal contained in the Legal Notice will be governed by Spanish law; the parties hereto therefore expressly waive any other legal system to which they may have the right and accept the decisions of the Courts and Tribunals of Donostia-San Sebastián.

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