Breast reconstruction techniques

Having a mastectomy is an effective solution. However, it causes disfigurement and can be traumatic for patients.

To palliate and solve the problems inherent to the sequelae left by this technique, we offer our patients the possibility of breast reconstruction which will greatly improve the aesthetic result.

Reconstructions can be immediate (at the same time as performing the mastectomy), or carried out at a later date (once all of the treatment is finished).

There are basically two techniques:

  • With expanders or permanent prostheses. These enable the patient to recover good breast volume so that they can wear normal clothes without the effects of the mastectomy being visible. This is a relatively easy technique and has few complications.
  • With skin flaps, muscle and/or their own fat. The final aesthetic result is generally better in this case, but at the cost of longer and more complex interventions, meaning that recovery tends to be more laborious.

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