Robotic chemotherapy preparation

The Onkologikoa Foundation is a pioneer in the robotic preparation of chemotherapy thanks to its collaboration with the Kiro-Grifols company in designing and developing the robot known as “Kiro Oncology”.

Preparing chemotherapy is a complex process and requires very strict conditions of sterility and quality. Although staff are very well trained, it is easy to make mistakes. The consequences for the patient are enormously negative given that the wrong treatment can be either ineffective or toxic.

At the Onkologikoa Foundation the preparation is done by robots, meaning that the doses are more precise and the process is error-free. Very few hospitals have this technology. The Onkologikoa Foundation was a pioneer in the field, having collaborated with the company Kiro-Grifols to design and develop the robot known as “Kiro Oncology”, which is now available commercially.

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