Prevention of hereditary cancer

Thanks to collaboration with the IVF Donostia (Basque Fertility Institute), we work to prevent hereditary cancer.

Using the most advanced assisted reproduction techniques, such as preimplantation genetic screening (DGP-PGS), the IVF Donostia team analyses embryos with hereditary chromosome alterations that influence the appearance of different kinds of cancer.

At IVF Donostia and Onkologikoa we were pioneers in Gipuzkoa in this practice, obtaining the first pregnancies free of syndromes such as MEN 2A, which causes thyroid cancer and Lynch syndrome, an alteration that increases the probability of suffering colon cancer.

Furthermore, also in collaboration with the team at IVF Donostia, we offer a free fertility preservation service for people who are about to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment.

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