With an 80-year history, Onkologikoa-Oncology Institute Gipuzkoa in San Sebastián (Basque Country, Spain) is a reference point in the fight against cancer. This centre is devoted entirely to the prevention, diagnosis, research and treatment of cancer.

The only centre devoted exclusively to cancer treatment in the Basque Country, it came into being via a social initiative that was set in motion by professionals from the world of medicine and citizens, with institutional backing. Its history at the service of society is that of both a professional and human trajectory of men and women who have provided the best of their medical, welfare and scientific knowledge – and also of the thousands of patients who have placed their trust in them.

Since it was first opened as a modern hospital equipped with state-of-the-art technology in 2009, Onkologikoa is now trying to make advances in biomedical cancer research, in applying new forms of therapy and in progress made in personalized medicine. It thus fulfils what is one of its raison d’êtres – to provide patients with the most recent advances in diagnosis and cancer treatment.

From the Onkologikoa standpoint, research is the best guarantee that a patient can be offered to ensure that they feel they are receiving the excellent treatment they demand. It constitutes the necessary complement to the principles that have constituted the reason for its very existence, what are its most distinguishing features.   

The complexity of cancer as a disease makes it necessary for different specialists to take part in the study, diagnosis and treatment of each case. Multidisciplinary teamwork has been one of the key features of Onkologikoa throughout its history.

Nearly 300 professionals contribute their knowledge on a daily basis. Teams of health professionals are grouped into functional units. At Onkologikoa there are the following units: Digestive, Gynaecology, Breast, Skin and Melanoma, Lung, Lymphoma and Sarcoma, ENT, Thyroid, Urology, Radiosurgery, and also a Cancer Pain Unit, and another unit providing support to patients and their family members.

Onkologikoa is officially approved as a teaching unit for MIR (medical internal residency) training in different areas of speciality in partnership with Hospital Universitario Donostia, is a member of various medical and research associations and maintains numerous collaborative agreements with research centres and corporate groups, as well as teaching and hospital establishments and patients’ associations.  

It has formed part of Kutxa Obra Social (Social Work) since 1952.

Paseo Doctor Begiristain, 121
Donostia - San Sebastián,
20014, Gipuzkoa
Google Maps location: 43.300322,-1.973763