Cancer detection for women

In women, early diagnoses can be made in cases of gynaecological or breast cancer.

In women, early diagnoses can be made for gynaecological cancer by means of clinical exploration and colposcopy. In the case of breast cancer, early diagnosis can be made by means of a clinical examination involving inspection and palpation of the breasts and of the lymph node area.

Depending on the medical criterion, the person’s age, the family and personal history of the disease and/or clinical findings, other complementary examinations will be requested, such as a bilateral mammography, a breast ultrasound, a gynaecology ultrasound, a vaginal smear test and the human papilloma virus-HPV test.

The Basque Government Ministry of Health also runs colon screening campaigns for women. This involves examination of the lower rectum and a test for blood in stools.

Recommended screening by age:

  • 25 years+: for cervical cancer
  • 40-50 years+: for breast cancer
  • 50+: for colon cancer
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