Why Onkologikoa

At Onkologikoa we have been striving for more than 85 years to provide good care and protection when dealing with cancer. We combine the highest of scientific rigour and the latest in technological advances with the warmest of care in order to address your successful transit through oncology diseases with all existing guarantees.

Onkologikoa was born with the vocation to fill what was in its day a void in caring for cancer patients. Over the years, this vocation has become our defining ethos based on providing our milieu with excellent cancer care ranging from prevention, innovation, quality and, above all, the warmest of attention. Always from a perspective of collaboration with the local agents responsible for healthcare and technology, Onkologikoa is a place where patients will find a team of people and technology personnel who are prepared to offer them the very best of guarantees for the successful outcome of their disease.

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More than simply continuously trained professionals, at Onkologikoa you will find people who treat you affectionately and learn your name.

People who know that the key to beating cancer is a friendly atmosphere, where you feel like a person rather than a number, where smiles and tears are welcome and where, above all, you feel as if people care. This is the feature which best defines us in the words of the thousands of patients treated by us for more than 85 years.

Pioneers in research

It's impossible to understand the excellent care we provide without research and innovation. That's why at Onkologikoa we run a programme of clinical trials, offering our patients the latest therapeutic advances at the earliest possible stage. And when an adequate clinical trial is not available at our centre, we will help the patient to search in other centres where they may be able to benefit from innovative therapies. Because we make collaboration on research programmes with other key agents in our environment (Biodonostia, where we belong to its association, technology companies, etc.) a constant endeavour in our everyday work.

Patient experience

In this area we work on all of the aspects that influence a patient's perception of the whole oncology process, from clinical aspects to their personal experience, communication with professionals and with other patients, the capacity to make decisions and to work with us on designing new healthcare structures. We work with empowered patients, capable of taking decisions on the processes affecting their health, who communicate efficiently with all of the agents involved in the process of their disease and who actively participate in co-designing our healthcare services.

Technology at the service of results

Prevention and early detection are the best tools for avoiding the undesirable consequences of cancer. That's why at Onkologikoa we do everything we can to bring the best technology, collaborating with Osakidetza and its early detection programmes, which are up there among some of the best in the world.
For example, we integrally develop the Gipuzkoa breast cancer screening programme, with the highest rate of satisfaction and most innovative technology, and we were worldwide pioneers in implementing 3D mammography technology in this field.
We also work with the Donostialdea IHO on the colon cancer screening programme, with benchmark implementation rates at global level.

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