Gynaecological cancer

One of the pillars of our work is the early prevention and diagnosis of malignant diseases, such as cervical or breast cancer.

And while for other gynaecological cancers such as endometrial or ovarian cancers early diagnosis is impossible, it is possible to diagnose lesions or tumours at the early stages. We have a team of multidisciplinary specialists for this purpose.

The Onkologikoa Gynaecology service, with wide experience in preventing, diagnosing and treating gynaecological pathologies, has the best professionals and material resources for carrying out their functions with highly favourable outcomes. Our service provides treatment for Osakidetza patients, private patients and patients with private insurance.

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Treatments for this kind of cancer

Surgical hysteroscopy

Surgical hysteroscopy consists of introducing an optical system with a beam of light through the endocervical canal, a device fitted with an electrode and a system for liquid distension of the uterine cavity in order to treat lesions such as endometrial polyps and submucous myomas.

CO2 laser vaporization

CO2 laser vaporization consists of destroying the pathological epithelial tissues in pre-malignant lesions such as vulvular (VIN), vaginal (VaIN) and cervical (CIN) intraepithelial neoplasia. This technique is also suitable for treating genital warts. One advantage of laser treatment is its precision; it only destroys the diseased tissue. Compared to others, this technique enables better recovery of the tissues treated, with the benefits this implies for our patients.

Cone biopsy with diathermy loop or Lletz

This consists of removing part of the cervix with two objectives: on the one hand, to treat pre-malignant lesions, and on the other to obtain a definitive diagnosis of the lesion.

Gynaecological surgery

Either open, laparoscopic or vaginal, choosing the access according to the pathology to be treated and the characteristics of the patient.

At Onkologikoa we have a first-class human team

Experienced, prestigious professionals in each of the specialities with a single objective: the good health of every patient.

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